What are the things that come to your mind while applying to a job? The most common answer will be the curriculum vitae (CV). For a model, CV is never complete without a portfolio. A good portrait is the first tool to impress the casting directors. It is a single opportunity to bring what is best in you. Get this checklist done before getting a portfolio

Best Photographers

Always check the photographer’s past works in social forums. Do not collaborate to cut down cost. Even if it is five pictures it should be worth every penny.

The Studio and Properties

The place and background also make a great deal, different textures and patterns can light up the picture in a jiffy. Our studio in Nungambakkam, Chennai has everything that you will need, interesting properties and the amazing background will work your pictures good!

Inspire don’t Imitate

We all have our personal favorites. Love your icons as much as you want but don’t copy them not even subconsciously! Its good to go through other portfolios for a rough idea
1. https://modelsonly.in/talents/8542/

2. https://modelsonly.in/talents/2523/

3. https://modelsonly.in/talents/7187/

4. https://modelsonly.in/talents/7208/

Always remember we are creating art not replicating it…

Why Enrol in ModelsOnly

We create opportunities for aspiring models. To us, talent is all that matters. You know you have got a spark, reach out to us and get your first portfolio done. This portfolio will be uploaded on our website and submitted to all the top Ad agencies. The starting price is only 25,000/- and there is a 100% chance of getting cast in the near future.

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