Bold, Beautiful and successful – Indian fashion models have been rocking ramps around the world. India’s transformation in women’s clothing and fashion has been drastic, most traditional apparels have been modified to hold an urban look without compromising on tradition. Well, that’s not all, Indian fashion modeling industry is just glowing and growing bigger each day.

So, if you are thinking on how to break into this field, first ask yourself how did this idea of becoming a model come into your mind?

Is it because you always wanted to be one, or your friends and family suggested you to become one since you look beautiful, tall and confident? So you are thinking of giving it a try but are not sure how well would it work out! You may be having  lots of questions in mind.. Just relax firstly, calm down and go for it ! just remember “ when it comes to your dreams, every risk is worth it..”.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase , just take the first step.!!

We have tried listing up the basic steps that shall help you take milestones for your dream job:

  1. Believe in yourself.. Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will!
  1. Grow your fashion sense..  Dig the fashion industry read, learn and research on what’s in trend keep an eye on top designers work. Groom yourself that make you look more beautiful and confident. Attend workshops on fashion modeling, which will give you more exposure.
  1. Know about the fashion industry as much as you can.. Read about  the top fashion models. Go through how the supermodels got their ways out. Read on their success stories , hear their interviews where they talk about the failures they faced in their career, this shall motivate you and help you reach your goals.
  1. Create a Killer Modeling Portfolio:  portfolio in the modeling industry is like your resume. It’s like the first impression that agencies consider most of the times. Create it with a friend or a professional photographer who has utmost knowledge on photography.  Click headshots, shoot various angles keep yourself confident. Also, keep it simple and natural use nude makeup style and keep yourself real and not reel. Focus more on your posing style and looks and expressions rather than your costume . Getting a good portfolio done is just the beginning.
  1. Attend modeling school :  Attend modeling workshops, they train you on how to become a model and give you tips on how to break in the industry . Go check out fashion shows, learn how the models rock the runways. Participate in beauty contests, prepare yourself for auditions, these all steps can be a great platform to launch your career in modeling or acting.
  1. Get a professional opinion:  A professional opinion does not restrict advice from fashion models, you can also get advice and suggestions from other fashion professionals in the industry like the photographers, designers, the PR team and many more. They might just help in reaching you the desired designation.
  1. Work with a modeling agency: Please check out our article on “why do need a modeling agency” on our blog page which will pave way to all your queries on the same.
  1. Network with Models, Agents and Photographers: Grow your social network in order to be well known to people. While being beautiful is important, being able to present yourself is just  about as important. Don’t just go by what other people feel about you, follow your instincts but at the same time be truthful about yourself.
  1. Don’t give up! Be persistent and determined: Everyone’s modeling career path will be slightly different. Remember that it takes time to build a successful modeling career. There will be plenty of ups and downs before you can make it as a fashion model. Always stay positive and embrace rejection. Learn from your failures and be persistent. Eventually,  your hardwork will hopefully pay off!! 

We hope these steps will definitely help you reach your dream job.. After all An oop’s is always better than what if !!

Best of Luck !!