Plus-Size, full figure, hourglass and many more titles are roaring the modeling agency at present. Are you aspiring to become a plus-sized model then it’s important for you to know a typical plus-sized model waist measures at least 10 cm lesser than the hips.

Get to know the market for plus-size models by following established plus-size models ( Are you familiar with the world’s first plus-size supermodel Melissa Aronson and there are other renowned models such as Vivian Eyo-Ephraim, Candice Huffine, Tara Lynn, Robyn Lawley, and so on!

Every human needs the drive to keep going, one should always remember to stay confident and have immense self-love. Be body positive and stay focused. 

For a model, it is essential to have a bang-on portfolio Why You Need a Portfolio. Make sure you include a variety of poses to highlight and elevate your figure or simply forget all the turmoil and register yourself with ModelsOnly.

At ModelsOnly we create an online portfolio hence you will never miss a chance. Once you are with us you are not far from the ramp.

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