Professional Modelling is listed amongst the most sorted career options for the youth today. This is one of the most thrilling as well as lucrative profession, it attracts males and females equally, that time has passed out when females only dominated this field. With the expansion of consumerism and media there has been a fabulous boost in the ad industry. This along with the upsurge in fashion industry has made modelling an attractive career option with large and continuing demand for fresh faces and personalities to launch and
promote a variety of branded products or show a garment to its best advantage to the target audiences.

Despite all of this, there is a lot of falsity carried away in the minds about this profession that can create confusion for aspiring models which may stop them from pursuing their lifelong dream of becoming a professional model. 

Few of the huge myths about the modelling career along with the real information on the basis of survey reports with the top models is provided below for the ambitious models who are keen on getting on point of their dream career.

  1. What’s your height? You have to be Tall : Let us debunk this myth!! We usually hear models are tall and good looking, but there are lots of successful average height models doing a great job in the industry. It is true that the catwalk model has to fit into certain requirements of height and weight, but there are various other fields of professional modelling, such as photoshoot modelling, or modelling for clothes or magazines, commercial models, etc. where height is not considered such a big factor.
  1. What’s your age, how young are you? : There is nothing like you have crossed the right age for becoming a professional model. The fashion industry is welcoming men and women of all ages, more over the ones who will appeal to all demographics. There is enough demand for older models in the fashion industries like such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and even high fashion. So, even if you think you are old but dreaming of becoming a model, you can still give it a shot.
  2. How much you weigh? You have to look skinny and Eat less : This is the biggest myth that should be busted out as soon as possible. You have to follow strict diets, say no to carbs, bread, potatoes and beverages. All false!! Yes it is true that professional models have to maintain a proper nutritional diet since their work requirement is all about showcasing their own selves while shooting. But the fact is they eat everything like how we do , but they just take extra care of their healthy diet in order to maintain their beautiful skin and stay toned.
  1. Do you have your professional portfolio ? : If you are new to the world of modelling industry, and looking forward to apply to an agency, so please note the fact that you need not have any portfolio with very professional looking photographs of yourself. All you need to have is a portfolio of clear pictures of yourself. Please read our article on how you can you create your own portfolio at ModelsOnly Blog.
  1. Professional modelling is all about Glitz and Glamour : Yes Fashion Industry is all about glitz and glamour externally. But internally it requires a lot of hard work and years of dedication to make it appealing and glamourous. Professional modelling is built up of hours of heavy duty makeup on your face every day, hours of sitting still as professional artists work on your hair, poke and prod you with needles to get that perfect fit on your outfit, and sacrificing your free hours. It’s not that professional models get no free time; it’s just that they don’t have a basic 9 to 5 job, their hours aren’t dictated by them, as many tend to believe. The end result is the glamour that you get to see on stage or in the pictures.
  1. Models get to keep all high classed designed outfits for themselves: On screen, we get the take an inside look into the fabulous life of a professional model. Living in huge houses is just the start. A sneak peek into their closet is enough to make any women green with jealousy. Closets filled with Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo’s, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, you name it, they have it! In reality, the professional models don’t always get to keep all the clothes they model. As soon as the models present the clothes or shoes on the runway, they are immediately stripped off them and packed off. But once a professional model has built her standing in the industry, she is given gifts from designers every once in a while, to promote and gain publicity for their brand.
  1. All Beauty, no Brains: The biggest myth of all, this is such a judgemental statement that is an absolute hoax. Today there are all highly qualified models in the industry, who have entered this field just to achieve their goals and dreams. This is really something that depends on person to person. These days it is equally important to have a great confident personality along with beauty. 

Well,  there might be many more myths but these are a few really huge myths about professional modelling that needs to be debunked as soon as possible. Like every other career modelling indeed requires utmost dedication and time and hard work to end up in success. If you think you can do it , then just go for it. Be stubborn about your goals, you have to be the best version of yourself and if that means you have to be a bit self-promoting then it’s okay. It really is..!!! 

       “Successful people are not gifted,
       they just work hard and then succeed on purpose!”