There is common negligence we are all guilty about. Are we paying enough attention to our skin? A consistent habit becomes a lifestyle. Skincare routine is different around the world. The Korean skincare regimes are quite a trend now also they prove to be beneficial. We might have come across or even tried the ten-step skincare by now. Those who could turn that into habit are real gurus but we are still on trial too. It’s never late to renew the golden habit. Let’s walk through the 10 step skincare.


Always double cleanse your face. You will need an oil-based cleanser and a foaming cleanser. Be it in the morning or after removing makeup never skip this key. Many think oil-based cleansers are not for oily or combination skin; it’s only a myth! Oil cleansers remove tough curds off your face. Always splash some lukewarm water instead of using a towel and then move on to your foaming face wash.


 Exfoliator helps you to keep your pores clean and tight. This step is not an everyday routine but an essential part of skincare. While using the scrub concentrate along the t zone avoiding the eye area. Never scrub around pimples and breakouts as it buys troubles. If you face a lot of pollution in your environment you can opt to exfoliate very gently on an everyday basis. After exfoliation, your pores are wide open which means no hands around your face.


A toner primarily maintains the pH of the skin. AHA and BHA toners fight against ageing, acne spots and fine lines. Toner comes in different consistencies, depending on the ingredients the result varies. Be mindful of what you pick. It’s more beneficial when you apply it using cotton balls or pads.


Aids cell turnover, while hydrating and repairing skin. The essence is more watery in texture and it impacts the skin more profoundly. It preps your skin to absorb the next layer of product. Once you try to accustom this into your routine you will never want to skip.


At this point, we will pay attention to the specific needs of the skin. Emulsion and ampoules are a little viscous but they provide a rich moisturised effect. Persons with oily and combination skin can skip this step until you find the right product if you feel it makes your skin greasy.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are very easy to find and easier to apply. They are drenched in serum and the pack always has a little left behind. Sheet mask therapies are so relaxing, all that you will have to do is apply them on your face , preferably massage with a jade roller and forget it for the next 15 minutes. Avoid touching or washing your face.

Eye Cream

Eye creams are for moisturising the area around your eyes which are too delicate. Ageing signs are prone to develop around the eyes hence it’s important to take care of them. Gently apply the product with your ring finger so only least pressure is exerted. Never rub, gently glide on the skin like butter on a hot pancake.


Yes, go high on hydration. Choose light water-based gel moisturiser if you have oily or combination skin and oil-based moisturiser for dry skin. Take a pea-sized amount and evenly spread on your face, stay hydrated all-day


Sunscreen is the golden rule of skincare. Whether it is summer or winter; indoor or outdoor it’s mandatory to treat your skin with some sunscreen. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before heading out. The more you protect from UV rays the younger your skin will appear

Even if you don’t find time to follow the elaborate skincare regime never miss your CTMS i.e. cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen. When you are away from home use oil absorbent tissue to gently remove any sebum and use SPF based compacts as the sunscreen lotion wears off after one hour of application. To glow from inside always remember to hydrate yourself, take plenty of water. Show some love to your body, it deserves just like our models do. Are you looking for radiant faces or are you the glowing swan both ways you have landed on a perfect platform. Don’t be shy, reach us and unlock victory!